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Advanced Hydrogen Power, Ltd.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe

Get to Know the Team

Our Management Team

At Advanced Hydrogen Power, Ltd., our management team, advisors, and consultants bring strategic insight and utilize diversified experience to deliver value and drive measurable results. They represent success in multiple industries, including the automotive industry. They possess expertise in building companies through effective research, planning, capitalization, the patent process, product development, marketing, sales, and distribution. Additionally, they provide leadership to guide us towards success, profitability, and business maturity.

Meet Our Executive Officers, Directors, Advisors, and Consultants

George J. Coates

George is our founder and has served since the inception of the company as a director, chairman of the board of directors, as well as president and chief executive officer.

George served two apprenticeships in Europe while attending the College of Technology in London and as an associate member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.). He received The City of Guilds of London award for electrical and mechanical engineering. He is also a former management director of SCR Motor Engineers of Europe and holds the certificate of Ministry of Transport in the United Kingdom.

George worked as an engineer for Rolls Royce and Mercedes Benz, BLMC, Austin, and D. Napier. He holds approximately 300 patents worldwide on innovations and technologies, including the Hydrogen Reactor H2 and the CSRV® system and turbine engine among others. He invented coolant disc brakes and a hydraulic suspension. He has delivered lectures and presentations at: 

  • RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany
  • University of Birmingham, Birmingham, England
  • Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

George is a member of the Society of Mechanical Engineers and S.A.E. He received awards in 1995 for Achievement in Designs in Automotive Engineering from S.A.E. He was also awarded in 2001 for his outstanding achievements in mechanical engineering from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Furthermore, George has extensive experience in international corporate business and has developed many long-time associates and contacts in the business and scientific communities around the world. 

Gregory G. Coates

Gregory has been the director, secretary, and president (Technology Division) since inception. For more than 20 years, he has worked with CIL as a design engineer, working in research and development, designing and building the CSRV® system technology, and adapting this technology to various existing applications. He created certain of CIL’s licensed inventions and patented certain of them. He also patented the Multi-Fuel Injection System and was awarded patents on the system.

Gregory is an associate member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He graduated from the College of Technology in Ireland. He invented and patented the Multi-Sequential Fuel Management System, a vital component of CIL’s CSRV® engines. Gregory also holds patents on other innovative technologies.

Barry C. Kaye

Barry has been our director, treasurer, and chief financial officer since inception. He is a certified public accountant in both New York and New Jersey. His work experience includes:

  • 1976 to 1987 - Senior Audit Manager for Arthur Andersen & Co.
  • 1987 to 1999 - Group Vice President (Finance and Operations) for Sharp Electronics Corporation. Sharp is a $3.5 billion company engaged in sales and distribution of consumer electronics, office equipment products, and microelectronic components. Barry was responsible for all finance and “back-office” operations of the company.
  • Since 1999, Barry has been serving as an Executive Business Consultant with BCK Business Consulting, which provides various consulting services to the business community.
  • 2003 to 2004 - Vice President (Finance and Operations) for Alliance Corner Distributors, Inc., a company engaged in sales distribution of video games and other forms of digital entertainment media.  
  • 2004 to 2005 - Corporate Controller of Development Corporation for Israel, a registered broker-dealer that distributes bonds of the government of Israel.
  • 2006 to 2009 - Vice President (Finance and Operations) for Corporate Subscription Management Services, LLC. It’s a company that processes orders as an agent for various publishers.
  • 2009 to 2010 - Vice President (Finance) for Results Media, LLC, a company that provides direct mail marketing services.  

Barry is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the New York and New Jersey State Societies of Certified Public Accountants. He received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree, graduating with Cum Laude distinction, from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York.

Glenn Crocker

Most Recent Responsibilities

As a Director of Global Technologies at Ciera LLC, Glenn’s responsibilities include developing, marketing, and structuring various technologies which will help achieve success in a variety of the company’s international projects. These range from conducting humanitarian projects and teaching self-sustainability through education to developing resourceful green technologies with an association to international companies or inventors.

Being a passionate practitioner of the continuous improvement philosophy led Glenn to work with companies to enhance or improve their technology. He applies his extensive global experience in the design, manufacturing, and assembly of products and conveys the ideas to the respective people by generating drawings or sketches.

As a Chief Engineer at Venturi Energy LLC, Glenn’s vast experience in Multidisciplinary Design Exploration and a unique combination of talents have allowed him to bring technology and design concepts through evaluation, simulation, and ready for production. Some of his responsibilities include working with specialists in CFD/FEA software to analyze the design concepts, working with suppliers who shared his vision, and consulting with Patent Attorneys to file patents. Glenn has also consulted with university professors who are in developmental stages of various wind turbine and blade technologies.

Previous Responsibilities:

Glenn’s previous responsibilities include new business marketing, project management, as well as design and development of future vehicle engineering projects at General Motors Michigan in GM’s Prestigious Global Advanced Vehicle Design Center in Michigan.

This required attending high-level global meetings to discuss marketing, design strategy, and new government safety laws. Attended global product brainstorming online workgroups to solve engineering challenges for various vehicle system installation to allow products successfully pass through the concept phase and prototype phase in readiness for the next phase of production engineering.

Vehicle occupant comfort and engine compartment are the main focus with new vehicle development. Efficient interior systems and their integration with other components also have an impact on energy/fuel consumption.

As a Director and Chief Technology Officer of Limber Ltd., an international technology development company, Glenn was responsible for research, development, and validation of technologies in the sustainable, renewable, and energy arena. He also worked with Bio-Mass, Bio-Coal, and Bio-Diesel, an integrated front-end system to produce fuel pellets and an optimized HVAC system for commercial buildings.

Nationality: British

Education: MBA Engineering Design

Sailing Yacht Design Diploma

Wind, Waves and Tides Alternative Energy – University of Toronto

Profession: Business Owner / Engineering Design / Serial Inventor


  • General Electric in England (Apprenticeship, 1965-1969)
  • Ford Motor Company in England (Apprentice Designer, 1969-1975)
  • British Leyland in England (Design Engineer, 1975-1978)
  • Opel Cars in Germany (Design Engineer, 1978-1979)
  • Volkswagen in Germany (Design Engineer, 1979-1980)
  • Mercedes Benz in Germany (Design Engineer, 1980-1983)
  • Volvo Cars in Sweden (Design Engineer, 1983-1984)
  • GM Saturn in Michigan (Design Engineer, 1984-1989)
  • Corporate Travel in Georgia (Director, 1989-1991)
  • Freightliner Trucks in Oregon (Project Leader, 1992-1995)
  • BMW – Rolls Royce in Germany (Project Leader, 1995-2000)
  • Denso/General Motors in Michigan (Chief Designer, 2000-2009)
  • Ciera Technologies in Washington, D.C. (Director, 2010-2012)
  • Venturi Energy in Salt Lake City, UT (Chief Engineer, 2012 – Present)

Present Business Activities:

  • Business Advisory Panel Member for Wave Tech Engines Inc.
  • Director of Global Technology with Ciera LLC
  • Chief Engineer with Venturi Energy LLC – Wind Sciences


  • Owned and managed 3 successful restaurants in England.
  • Director of a Corporate Travel Company, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Director of a Professional Recruitment Company, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Director of a Design Services Company, Munich, Germany
  • Director of an International Technology Development Company


International Registered Patents






HVAC Automatic Drain Docking System

HVAC Common Module

HVAC Positive Air Seal 

HVAC Foot Duct Design Duel Function

HVAC Automotive Air Conditioning System 

USA Registered Patents



Electronic Devise for Detecting Thunder and Lightning

 Inner Door Panel for Vehicles

Miscellaneous Achievements:

Runner Up in an International Yacht Design Competition

Board Leadership Structure and Risk Oversight

The Board oversees our business and considers the risks associated with our business strategies and decisions. The Board currently implements its risk oversight function as a whole. Each committee, when established, will also provide risk oversight in respect of its areas of concentration and report material risks to the Board for further consideration.

We plan to establish an Executive Compensation Committee and an Audit Committee in the future. We also plan to adopt a corporate Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

For more information, contact us in Wall Township, New Jersey. 

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